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Coaching for growth-stage business owners who want to refocus their marketing and elevate their business to the next level.


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Clarity breeds confidence and puts you on path to success.

We’ve opened 7 time slots available for business owners like you to take advantage of this limited offer and elevate your business. Stop trying to find direction from Google searches and get clear answers to the questions that WILL help you take action and move you forward.

Common questions from previous calls.

What should I work on?

I’ll clarify where to invest your time so you can stop searching for the next hot marketing trend.

How do I measure performance?

I’ll simplify your analytics data and prioritize the metrics that need your attention.

What strategy is right for me?

I’ll highlight your current position and point you on the path that’s right for your brand.

How do I start email marketing?

I’ll focus your plan and prioritize your to-do list so you can started faster.

Am I doing this right?

I’ll calm your concerns and refocus your plan to get more out of your efforts.

What am I not doing?

I’ll specify what you’re overlooking and what to do to get more traction.

How to get more from my website?

I’ll focus your website strategy to take it from an expense to a value-creator.

Is social media right for me?

I’ll demystify social so you can make a clear decision on your plan.

What’s my next step?

I’ll simplify your next steps so you can get started and take action.

…and many more.

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45-minute on Google meet or phone call

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  3. You’ll redirect to a confirmation page with a few questions to maximize our time in the call.
  4. I’ll send you an invite to add to your calendar with the details of our call.

Please note: this offer will end when the 7 time slots are booked.

We never share any information we collect. Ever.

Risk-free offer
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We’ll refund 100% of your fees.

Joey Gault

I’m a 3x business owner, managing partner in our Web Agency and coach for growth-minded business owners.

I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them gain clarity and focus on their goals.

I leverage 20+ years experience to clarify the complex world of marketing so you can focus more on your next action.

Offer FAQ’s

Is it really Risk-Free?
Yes. We’re in the business of helping owners win. Plus we wouldn’t be in business for over two decades if we didn’t deliver on our promises.

We’ll refund 100% of your fee if you aren’t completely satisfied with your call. Message [email protected] to process your refund.

Why the 65% discount?
Two reasons:

1. We had a large project reschedule to Q4 and I have new (and limited) availability.
2. We’re testing to see how this offer works compared to a higher priced offer, and you’re benefiting.

What topics can I ask about?
Good question. I have over a decade of experience operating small businesses and specific knowledge in marketing, operations, web, branding, UX/UI and tech.

Other recommended topics include pizza, early 2000’s hip hop and Formula 1 racing.

Can I book a follow-up call?
Yes, and we strongly recommend it. The advice you gain from the call compounds in value if you take action. A follow-up call will keep you more accountable for taking the necessary action to get you to the next level.

What if I have to reschedule?
We’ll work with you to find another time slot and accommodate life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Feedback from a few of our 1,000+ past clients.

Dane Fitzpatrick

The service is impeccable, as is the quality of work done by the Webtech team. A++++

Amanda Aspin

Amazing to work with. Very smooth transition from another provider. They walk you through everything.

Roy Perkins

Amazing people, always deliver on time and very easy to work with.

Andrew Pruner

Always a pleasure to deal with. Also extremely quick to correct any issues.

Dr. Christine Suess

I really appreciated their commitment to excellence and solving any problems that came up.

Lynn Tourangeau

They are quick to respond to emails and makes any changes to our site quickly! Highly recommend!

Steve Paquette

Since the migration to Webtech, our emails are working perfect. So good in fact, we recently changed our other 2 business locations to their service. Thanks!

Johanne Gauthier

They produced a website for me that far exceeded my expectations of what I wanted.

Ross Alguire

They designed and launched our web page. Very professional and quick service.

This offer will end when the 7 available time slots are reserved.