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Let’s build your brand’s digital launchpad.

On-call experts to empower your growth. We bring 10+ years of experience delivering flexible and innovative website solutions tailored to entrepreneurs and digital brands.

Comprehensive design process


Feature-rich platform


Growth-minded experts


Scalable at your pace


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We support 19 digital brands and entrepreneurs, just like you.

Growing a digital brand takes work, and you don’t have the in-house expertise to build the right website to grow. You need experts you can trust to deliver a solid platform that empowers your growth, and doesn’t hold you back. We build feature-rich websites with enough flexibility to keep pace with your growing brand. Our web marketing experts will advise, design, build and implement solutions that pair perfectly with your team and be the platform so you can reach new levels.

What’s included in our Websites for Digital Brand

  • Built-in Flexibility
    Growth? Pivots? New products? We have you covered. We make sure your website keeps pace with your brand.
  • All-Inclusive Support
    You need to focus on growth and delivering value to your audience. We handle all the tech for you.
  • Backups & Maintenance
    Our websites are backed up regularly and maintained for security and performance.
  • Features & Integrations
    Add features you need and connect apps to take advantage of 3rd party software.
  • On-call Marketing Experts
    Get easy access to marketing experts with 10+ years experience working with entrepreneurs.
  • Clear & Jargon-free
    You don’t speak geek, so we translate and simplify so you can make decisions with clarity and confidence.
  • Reporting & Analysis
    Data-driven experts provide reporting and analysis of your brand’s digital marketing performance.
  • Comprehensive design
    You get professional design services that pair perfectly with your competitive market position.
  • More than just websites
    We also offer branding design, social media services, strategic advice and other key marketing services.

…and many more.

What about after-launch care?

We provide hosting, support, maintenance, security, updates, routing, domains, email services and more. Everything you need for your digital brand all packed in to one plan, and one bill.

Unlock the power of your digital brand and unload the stress of your website.

Book your no obligation call today and let’s explore the role your website needs to play in your digital marketing and where you can improve your brand.

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Who We Are

Digital marketing services made for entrepreneurs, just like you.

We are the people who support strong brands. For every goal you have, we align strategies to help you get there. For every marketing challenge you face, we find flexible and scalable solutions. For every call you make or email you send, we answer. After all, we know strong relationships lead to better brands—and a better business.


Can we manage our own updates?

Yes, we build our websites using WordPress and can customize the website to suit your needs.

Our experience tells us that the desire to self-manage content and the practicality of it are not always aligned.

Regardless, we build solutions that pairs with your needs and your team.

What happens if a key person leaves our company?

We help you manage the transition of knowledge related to your website services to another key team member or adjust our managed services accordingly until the position has been filled.

You’ll always have our team supporting as much or as little as you need.

How much does a website cost?

Our pricing considers your brands needs, budget, timelines and goals to find the right fit.

Although projects often start from the same place, we tailor our services to our clients so they aren’t paying for filler or fluff.

You should speak to our team and get a realistic price rather than getting ballpark figures that aren’t tailored to your needs.

Can I add more features later on?

Yes! And we strongly encourage it. Our projects are made to evolve as your brand grows. We deliver practical and flexible solutions so you aren’t stuck in the mud with your website.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept e-Transfers, Credit cards and business cheques.

Reviews from our Digital Brand Clients

Trisha Durham

Top quality. Worth every penny and more. They're very nice and down to earth which is so important in this work.

Heather Briann

I have worked with them for the last 5 years and they have been supportive through every stage of growth in my business.

Donna Villeneuve

Such great service from the Webtech team, no matter what you need, the service is there quickly and efficiently.

Kathryn Bruni-Young

They are passionate about helping entrepreneurs put their dreams into action and treats my business like it is their own.

Erika Parente

They were very responsive and helpful and delivered our project on time. I would definitely work with them again!