Why does my website need maintenance?

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TL:DRYou’ve invested in your website and it’s a smart business decision to protect your investment with regular maintenance to avoid problems with your website’s performance.

The analogy of your website being like a storefront or a home really applies here so I going to use it to illustrate why website maintenance is good business.

Just like your storefront, you’ve invested your hard-earned money to build a place to gather your potential customers and promote your products or services, in the digital space.

One forever truth about both the online and offline world is that it’s constantly changing.

And just like your home or commercial space, regular maintenance keeps the the building safe, healthy and can prolong the lifespan before needing major renovations or repairs.

The web is always changing

In contrast to the offline world, the web is evolving and changing at a much faster rate. 

It changes daily.

And the internet that you’ve connected your new website to is constantly changing around it.

Which makes the web a more precarious environment to build something and maintain it for prolonged use.

Flexibility is key in your website

We preach about flexibility in your website technology for exactly this reason. Because it needs to withstand the constantly changing environment that it’s meant to perform in.

Ok, so we get that the web is always changing, so how does that affect a website?

The internet is literally a series of connections–millions and millions of connections– that link urls with web server files and everything in between.

Each of those connections are managed by technology that is continuously being updated for improved usability, better security, and all around faster performance.

When your website was built, it was designed to be used with the technology that was current at that time. Good developers would keep abreast of the changes to the internet and build products that can adjust to future tech updates.

But even the best of us can’t predict every evolution or new security threat.

Furthermore, your website, although seemingly simple on the frontend, is made up of layers that add more complexity to the equation.

How complex?

What needs regular attention on your website?

Here are some of the items that need to be monitored and maintained regularly on your website:

  • Core platform such as WordPress
  • Plugins
  • Web server
  • Database
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Code-to-browser compatibility
  • Media 
  • Backups
  • SSL certification

With all these moving parts and the very shifting nature of the internet, it’s clear that your website needs regular attention to continue to perform so you’re not wasting your original investment of building and launching your website.

Not ‘IF’ but ‘WHO’

It’s not a question of IF your website needs maintenance, but a question of who is going to perform the maintenance that we now understand is very much needed?

With over 25 years of hosting, managing and supporting websites, we can confidently state that it’s a better use of your time to hire professionals. But we’ll never discourage a business owner from diving in and trying it on their own.  

Even if it is just for a short while.

Want to find out more about our website maintenance plan? Click the link for more: https://webtechagency.ca/wordpress-support-maintenance/

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