How can email marketing help my business grow?

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Email marketing is one of the most engaging forms of marketing you can use in small business.

When it’s done properly.

In today’s world, there are tonnes of apps and plugins that can help you with email marketing, all with their own take on what’s important – from small list managers, to full-blown CRM tools. If you’re starting out, I recommend taking baby steps and upgrading when needed.

Email marketing can:
🚀 Improve customer retention
🚀 Improve customer onboarding
🚀 Increase average customer value
🚀 Introduce new products
🚀 Increase community engagement
…and more

Email marketing, when done well, can help you increase new sales, but its real value comes in improving engagement with your current audience or community.

Too often we focus on getting new business in the door and overlook the value in our existing customers or contacts.

I would argue that there is more value to gain from existing contacts than there would be in trying to acquire new business because half the work is already done.

The next question we get is “how is email marketing different than social?”

The main difference is that social is passive and email is more active.

For example, the average retention rate for a website visitor landing on your website from social media is ~10-15%.

The average retention rate for a website visitor coming from email is closer to 40%.

The figures are relative to the amount of traffic to your website, but the difference is clear: audiences reading emails are more engaged than when they see your message on social.

If you haven’t already, consider adding email marketing to your mix. And reach out to an expert if you need guidance on how to get started quicker and easier.

71% of business leaders expect to invest in their website to grow their business this year.*

Your competitor is in that group.

*KPMG report on Canadian business.

Your business deserves a great website.

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