Should I invest in SEO & content or Google Ads and PPC?

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You know you need to invest in marketing to stay competitive, but where exactly should that investment go?

Google Ads gets a lot of attention and advertising has long-been a staple of marketing your business.

And there is much discussion over SEO and writing content to rank better in search results.

So what’s best for your business and your market?

Like most things, it depends on your goals and timelines but we can help you with a bit of clarity here.

PPC and Google Ads are better for shorter timelines and low-to-mid competitive markets where your cost-per-acquisition is still reasonable. But it’s a pay-for-play model where you have to keep investing in it to continue the flow of traffic.

SEO and Content Marketing is a longer-term tool as it’s investment takes a bit of time to show progress but the results compound month after month. The investment you make today will continue to work for you next month through to next year and beyond.

These strategies are just couple of tools to help with the early-stages of your customer journey (Awareness, Interest, Affinity), and they aren’t always the right fit for all businesses.

Reach out to our team to discuss what options are right for your business and your goals.

71% of business leaders expect to invest in their website to grow their business this year.*

Your competitor is in that group.

*KPMG report on Canadian business.

Your business deserves a great website.

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